Collectible Solutions

SoftBase/Collectors Edition offers the flexibility of fully customizable data entry screens.  With the easy to use field configuration utilities you can change field labels, move fields around so that they're in the order you want, and even hide fields that you don't use--just by clicking and dragging with your mouse!

You can have a different custom setup for each one of the collection catalogs.  And if you create a new catalog that is based on an existing one, the new catalog will inherit all of the customizations!

Click any of the links below to see examples of field configuration for various categories of collectibles.  Use your browser's back button to return here.

Books Cloisonné Pins Postcards Trains

Shown below is the field naming and visibility utility.  From this screen you can change the name of any field, and control whether or not it is visible and available for use.

Field Configuration

The other field configuration utility, where you can move and resize fields, is built into the main Add/Edit screen.  By unlocking the fields on this screen and clicking a field with your mouse, small sizing squares appear on the field as shown in the screen segment below.  To move the field, simply click and drag with your mouse.  To resize it, just click and drag one of the sizing squares.

Move/Size Fields