Collectible Solutions

Other collection programs give you as few as 10 fields to describe your collectibles.  SoftBase/Collectors Edition gives you up to 47!  And you can enter as much or as little information about each item as you like.

You get 21 alphanumeric fields, 12 alphanumeric smart list fields, seven currency fields, four checkbox fields, two additional fields for measurement values, and a 2000 character note field for detailed narrative descriptions!  In addition to those, you can store up to six color or black & white pictures with each item.

SoftBase/Collectors Edition uses smart list fields to save you typing.  Each time you enter a value into one of these fields the program saves it in a special list.  When you add a new item, or edit an existing one, you can pick a previously entered value from the list.  Or, as you start to type in one of these fields, the program automatically searches the fields' associated list, looking for a match.  If a match is found then the rest of the field is filled out for you.  Automatically!  And the lists are collection specific; for example, the list of Manufacturers for your figurines will not clutter up your list of Manufacturers for your diecasts.