Collectible Solutions

SoftBase/Collectors Edition includes a Browse mode that shows all items in a collection in a spreadsheet-like grid.  Each row of the grid represents the data for one item while each column represents the field data for the item.


The Browse window includes several features designed with productivity in mind.  You can sort any single column in the grid just by clicking its title, and our new advanced sorting feature allows you to sort on any number of columns just by holding down the Shift key while clicking the titles!  For example, in the image shown above, we have sorted a Department 56 collection first by Type of Piece, and then within Type of Piece by Purchased From.

Our brand new Grouping feature allows you to arrange the grid by groups, as many levels deep as you like!  For example, the screen shot below shows the same grid as above, but with the grid grouped on Type of Piece and Purchased From.


Grouping is simple.  Just drag one or more column headings into the Orange box above the grid, and the grid does all the rest!  You can even set up filters on your data so that you limit what data is visible.  For example, we can define a filter that shows only those items purchased directly from Department 56 or Christmas Collection, and that cost more than $40.00.  The results of the filter are shown below.


You can also move columns to new positions or resize them by dragging them with your mouse, and SoftBase will remember those new positions, sizes, grouping and filters every time you open the grid thereafter until you explicitly change them.  And, if you double-click any item in the grid, a detail window for that item opens up.  From there you can edit, delete, and print a detailed report of the item!