Collectible Solutions

Other collection management programs give you just a fixed set of reports.  Some will let you at least select which fields to print on those reports.  But only SoftBase/Collectors Edition gives you a full-featured custom report designer that allows you to organize your reports in the way most meaningful to you!

You can choose which fields to include on your reports, where to put them, what color they should be, how large they should be, and their font!  You can even print your reports to HTML files with true WYSIWYG form so that you can share the details of your collection on the Web!

The report designer uses a highly advanced visual design tool with easy to use wizards and full preview capability.  Creating a report is simple!  Just select the information to be displayed on the report by answering a few simple questions asked by one of the wizards.  Then use the visual designer to click and drop the fields, labels and pictures on the report designer canvas as illustrated below.  It's as easy as that!

Report Designer

While using the visual designer you can, at any time, generate a preview of the report to see what it looks like so far.  The picture below is just such a preview of the report in the designer above.

Report Preview

What's more, you can choose any number of fields on which you want to sort your reports.  You can also group your data.  For example, in a book report, listing books by author with each book listed under an author heading, both in alphabetical order!  Plus, you can define custom criteria, such as, listing all books for which you paid between $15.00 and $50.00.

The number of reports you can create is limited only by the amount of disk space you have.  And, each time you add a new item(s) to your collection, you do not have to redesign the report--the items are automatically added to the contents of the report.

And to help you keep track of the reports you have created, SoftBase/Collectors Edition stores their design templates in a highly organized folder system accessible in a Windows Explorer style interface!  This allows you to easily find and reprint any report whenever you add or change things in your collection.  You can have report folders for each collection, and even folders within the folders for a more specific breakdown of reports.

Report Explorer

No other collection management program offers such a tremendously powerful and flexible reporting solution!