Collectible Solutions

As you just saw, SoftBase/Collectors Edition comes with a powerful report designer tool.  But what if you don't have the time to spend a few minutes setting up your own reports?  Also included with SoftBase is a suite of pre-defined reports designed to let you know the value of your collections, and showcase their details.  You can also share your collection on the Web with your friends by printing your collection to one or more of the pre-defined HTML-formatted reports!

The standard pre-defined reports list summaries of the value of a single collection, a breakdown by each item in a single collection and a detailed list of each item in a single collection.  There are also reports that list a brief summary of the value of all collections, a breakdown of the value of all collections and detailed breakdown listing each item by collection.

The pre-defined HTML reports produce Internet ready files that contain the descriptive text you have entered into the various fields and any pictures you have attached to those descriptions!  You can choose to print an entire collection to one file, or page, or you can print across multiple pages.  And if you print across multiple pages, an index page is created automatically!