Collectible Solutions

Have you already entered your collection into Excel, Access or a similar program?  No problem!  SoftBase includes two powerful functions that let you export and import data to and from comma separated (CSV) files like those used by Excel and Access.  Just save your data to a CSV file and run the easy to use file import wizard.  In minutes your collection will be organized in ways impossible with mere spreadsheets.

The importer employs an easy to use wizard that guides you through the process step by step.  You simply pick the file to import from, select which fields the contents of the file map to, set the field order, and you're ready to go!  The importer even allows you to begin and end at specific lines in the file so that you can skip over things such as column headings and totals.

Import Data

With the export function you can save the details of your collection to a comma separated file to share with friends.  You simply choose which fields to export, set the order in which to export them, pick a file to export to, and you're all set!  SoftBase even includes the exported field names in the file as column headers.

Export Data